EU/ME 2011: Free of Charge Workshop on Client-centered Logistics and International Aid

February 21-22, 2011, Vienna

The EU/ME 2011 workshop in Vienna has a special focus on "Client-centered logistics and International Aid".

  • New extended deadline for Submission:
    December 24th, 2010 (2 pages extended abstract)
  • Notification of Decision:
    January 15th, 2011





The goal of this meeting is to give researchers and practitioners the opportunity to discuss recent advances in metaheuristics.

Topics covered:

  • successful applications of metaheuristics,
  • innovative combined approaches,
  • theoretical results on metaheuristics,
  • prospectives on metaheuristics


The workshop has a special focus on the following applications:

  • disaster relief operations planning,
  • emergency preparedness,
  • emergency response,
  • mobile hospital planning,
  • patient transportation,
  • ambulance location,
  • nurse and doctors scheduling,
  • school bus routing,
  • traveling repairmen,
  • service technician routing
  • ...

In order to allow all researchers and students interested in the subject to attend the workshop, the participation is free of charge, but registration is compulsory.


Keynote Talks:

Luk N. Van Wassenhove

Henry Ford Chair of Manufacturing, Director of the Humanitarian Research Group, INSEAD, Fontainebleau, France

Supply Chain Management in the Context of Humanitarian Disasters


Mikael Rönnqvist

Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration in Bergen

Efficient Home Care Scheduling and Routing


Invited Talks (related to the special topic "Client-centered logistics"):

Verena Schmid

University of Vienna

Emergency Room Scheduling featuring Optimization of Intra-hospital Routing 

Sophie N. Parragh

INESC Porto / IBM CAS Portugal

Demand responsive transportation: a client-oriented perspective



ÖGOR, EURO, Stadt Wien, Universität Wien

University of Vienna | Dr.-Karl-Lueger-Ring 1 | 1010 Vienna | T +43 1 4277 17575